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「Red Special - Queen Tribute Guitar Orchestration -」 Kazuo Shimizu 清水一雄


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01_Killer Queen

02_Somebody To Love


04_The Millionaire Waltz

05_Bicycle Race

06_Radio Ga Ga

07_Lily Of The Valley

08_Dear Friends

09_In The Lap Of The God

10_Bohemian Rhapsody

11_We Will Rock You

12_We Are The Champions



Produce : Kazuo Shimizu / Ryo Mama


All Guitar / M3 Bass / M9 Cho / Arrangement & Programming / Recording & Mixing Engineer :

Kazuo Shimizu 


Bass / M9 Cho:Hiroshi Nomaguchi


M13 Percussion : Teruyuki Matsuzaki


M6 Voice / M9 Cho:Kikue Shimizu


Mastering Engineer : Tatsuro Ariki


Photograher: Michiko Yuki


Visual Director: Takeshi Nishimura


Video:minus glam


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©️Round Forest Music

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